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Our Story

"About 20 years ago I came across a product that was recommended to me for renovating lawns. When I first found this product I started using it as a soil conditioner when I was planting. After recognizing it's benefits as a soil conditioner I began to experiment with using Sweet Peet as a mulch. My thought process was that this product is great for the soil as it breaks down and would also cut down on watering needs. Sweet Peet's scientific benefits were extremely important to me, but my customers fell in love with the aesthetically pleasing, dark color that Sweet Peet naturally holds. This was a win-win for me.

Soon after that I found myself working on a landscape design site across the street from Martha Stewart's house. Sure enough she inquired about Sweet Peet and became very interested in the product.  Shortly after her discovery of Sweet Peet, she dedicated an entire show to the farming operation of how Sweet Peet is made. From that point on Sweet Peet has turned heads and generated large amounts of popularity in the organic gardening field."


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